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Import USA Boat

Import USA Boat

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Import and shipping  of boats and fifth wheels from the USA east or west coasts to Australia, New Zealand and Europe. While boat imports are our specialty we have been able to apply our many years of experience to successfully transport a wide variety of cargo. From trailer boats to luxury motor yachts, sports cruisers, RV’S or ski and wakeboarding boats we have the knowledge to get it home for you. Are you considering importing a boat from America, USA to Australia? Let us import you a boat to Australia from the USA

Import a boat from USA to Australia & Singapore

Our extensive experience as boat importers allows many options to make your boat acquisition and shipping simple and uncomplicated. Let us guide you through the voyage of new possibilities with our personalized service and professional alliances with Pacific and Atlantic steamship lines and cargo groups within America and Europe. As we are a wholesale provider for Break-Bulk & Roll On Roll Off / Lift On Lift Off cargo and the entire USA network covered by professional packers and handlers, we can offer many choices that others only try to achieve.

The Manager of Import-USA-Boat, Ian McIndoe and his team of professional associates, both in Australia and USA, work closely to offer total solutions for our clients. Ian developed the concept of importing boats from the USA in 2003 and previous to this was involved in brokerage yacht sales and local deliveries of yachts and power boats. Ian’s original concept offered a new market and new choices to the Australian, New Zealand and European boat buyer, machinery buyer or classic car hunter as technology increased and the world grew smaller. We all have choices!

Understanding your shipping quote is the one most important thing you need to know for a successful import. Many USA based shippers do not disclose your destination charges to you and this is where so many people come unstuck and get very unwanted financial surprises. There ultimate game is to entrap you, and once they have your boat / Cargo in their possession they will not release your boat or cargo until all payments have been made. Even the payments you were not expecting. If you intend to import a boat to Australia please ensure that you understand your quote and do not just look at the bottom line.

Your boat, machinery, classic car or various cargo can be picked up from anywhere with our extensive inland transport network and delivered to any departure port in  USA or Europe. We import a wide range of commodities: Excavators, Cranes, Caravans, Fifth Wheel, Bobcats, Trucks, Cars, B-Doubles and Machinery.

Import USA Boat will respond within 24 – 36 hours of submitting your quote request. But if you have a specific question we are happy to discuss your shipping requirements on the phone. When considering importing a boat or other cargo please discuss your options with us and we will provide you with a quote that will disclose all the costs. There are several modes of shipping for boats and cargo depending on ports of origin and destination that is why it is important to discuss these options prior to your purchasing. It may be more beneficial from different ports or locations for the shipment to be cost effective. Having a team on your side that is experienced at importing boats will help save you time and money. We will import a boat for you successfully and economically with constant service and tracking available on your shipment.

Import-USA-boat’s aim is to ensure customer satisfaction. We strive to provide a cost effective service which minimizes the stress to our clients. While we use the convenience of modern technology our ethics remain old fashioned. Honesty and personalized service are very important to us. Import a Boat with personal service. “Find your boat and we will do the rest”

As boat importers we have shipped and imported many well known brands such as Trophy, Searay, Bayliner, Four Winns, Skeeter, Nitro, Ranger, Stratos, Cobalt, Malibu, Regal , Larson, Hydrasports, Luhrs, Offshore, Vitech, Carver, Reinell, Cabo, Mainship.

There has never been a better time to Import a Boat to Australia! As Boat Importers ship always with Import-USA-Boat, we are working for you to have you understand the pitfalls and traps with no hidden charges.