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Import A Harley Davidson USA to Australia

Import A Harley Davidson USA to Australia, we don’t just do boat imports and we offer a complete compliance service on your Harley Davidson Import. We offer a complete compliance service up to registration.

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West Coast Trailer Boat Rates USA to East Coast Australia & New Zealand

Import USA Boat is pleased to announce new trailer boat rates for USA West Coast shipments from the following ports: Los Angeles, CA – Vancouver, WA – Vancouver, BC Rules: Minimum 34 CBM on Trailer Service Time 28 – 36 days The ports of discharge are Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Tauranga, NZ

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Government to increase Import Processing Charges

Government to increase Import Processing Charges The Government has announced as part of the 2013-2014 Commonwealth budget that there will be a restructure to the Import Processing Charge (IPC) to recover the costs of all import related cargo and trade functions undertaken by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. Currently only a portion of these functions is cost recovered. To recover these costs charges will be increased for consignments valued over $10,000. The increase to the IPC will result in additional revenue of $674.3 million over four years and will be implemented in accordance with the Australian Government’s cost recovery policy. The new charges will come into effect on 01 January 2014. For consignments valued over $10,000, the IPC for electronic sea import declarations will be increased by $102.60 to $152.60 per consignment; and the IPC for electronic air import declarations will be increased by $81.90 to $122.10 per consignment. The revised schedule of Customs import processing charges is summarised in the table below. At this stage there has been no announcement regarding any changes to import charges applied by DAFF Bio Security (AQIS). Whilst there is a possibility of alterations or further clarification prior to final implementation, AFIF recommends that members notify their customers as soon as possible. DESCRIPTION                                                       EFFECTIVE FROM                                                            AMOUNT Consignments Valued under AUD $1,000                                         Unchanged                                                                       NA Consignments Valued $1,000 up to $10,000                                       Unchanged                                            AUD $40.20 – Air / AUD $50.00 – Sea Consignments Valued $10,000 and above                                        01 Jan 2014                                         AUD $122.10 – Air / AUD $152.60 –...

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Importing Boats & Shipping Boats in Containers

Importing Boats & Shipping  in Containers….IMPORTANT Importing Boats in Containers?  Do you understand your costs? USA businesses advertising shipping boats in containers for approximately $6,500.00 Turn Key Service to Australia East Coast etc…West Coast Australia is even more expensive and longer service. Do you know what you get for this magical number of $6,500.00 “MAYBE NOT?” Scenario You have purchased a boat in the USA and your seller has told you that they can ship it home for as little $6,500.00. “Sounds Good Now” – “BE WARNED” The container with your boat and trailer has arrived in your local port Australia but it is still on the ship. This is where your $6,500.00 “ENDS”.  Now the container must demurrage from the ship and transported to a remote warehouse to a licensed AQIS pad for inspection. AQIS will not inspect your boat and trailer whilst it is in the container. So now you have to pay contractors to unpack the container which will generally involve crane work. You will now be expected to pay a minimum of AUD 2,400.00 after your initial outlay of $6,500.00 The arrival costs of $2,400.00 in your local port will cover the demurrage off the ship, transport to AQIS licensed warehouse pad for unpack, customs clearance & container return to terminal. It does not include GST or duties where applicable. If you have any questions with the above please contact: Ian McIndoe- Mobile 0435...

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Import Permits for Trailers, Caravans, Fifth Wheelers & Vehicles & Motor Bikes (VIMPORTS)

Australian Import Information Import Permits for Trailers, Caravans, Fifth Wheelers & Vehicles & Motor Bikes (VIMPORTS) An import permit for the trailer is required, from the Federal Department of Transport & Infrastructure. We offer a permit application service which is included in your quote. Vehicle Import permits take 28 days to process. We also make this submission on your behalf as we know exactly the information the department requires. The fee for the application is AUD $50.00 You will not require an import permit if your boat is being shipped on a cradle. An import permit is not required for a Boat, Motor Vessel, and Sail Yacht & Jet Ski’s Documents, Import Duty & GST Required By Australian Customs Service (ACS) If the imported cargo has been manufactured in the USA, you will NOT pay Import Duty under AUSFTA: Australian United States Free Trade Agreement. GST 10% is calculated on the purchase price of your cargo and freight. Certificate of Origin is required to waive import duty 5% if you cargo is manufactured in the United States of America.                           (Import USA Boat will supply this document) Bill of Lading Copy         (Supplied By Import USA Boat) USA Title Documents    (Only Required If Your Cargo Is Wheels & Motor Propelled Vehicle) AQIS Packing Slip           (If your cargo is being shipped in a container)   AQIS – Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service All second hand vehicles / boats / vessel /trailers will be inspected by AQIS upon arrival at your destination port. All cradles supplied by Import USA Boat are AQIS approved. Cradles will be manufactured to suit your boat and will either be timber or steel construction. Timber cradles need to be stamped ISPM 15. If your boat is an open boat being shipped as RO/RO (Roll On/Roll Off) we suggest having the boat cleaned and shrink wrapped. Import USA Boat will organise. Please note, this does not guarantee the boat will not be quarantined. Gas Import – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration If your cargo, boat, caravan or machinery is fitted with refrigeration or air conditioning it will either have to be degassed by an Authorised Technician and supply a document by an authorised company and technician or the alternative to is lodge and complete a...

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How Import-USA-Boat Prepares your Dream Boat for Transport to Australia?

Boat Transporting Services of Import-USA-Boat Water journeys are always a pleasure and it is a great experience to enjoy the moments in water journeys. In that aspect, boats are widely used in water journeys. Transporting the boat is very easy now and that too transporting in Australia is very easy if you trust the boat transporting services of Import-USA-Boat. The onus for hassle-free boat transportation to Australia solely rests on Import-USA-Boat. Before transporting a boat to Australia, a lot of meticulous planning and preparation is required. Some major preparations done by Import-USA-Boat are described below: DIMENSIONS ARE IMPORTANT FOR BOAT TRANSPORT TO AUSTRALIA Following questions are kept in mind before boat transport to Australia- Does the facility have enough overhead clearance, free from low-lying trees and branches? Is there any service bay for disassembly or reassembly of the radar arch or fly/command bridge? Are the facilities of travel lift or fork lift to load or offload your boat provided? BOAT IS  PROPERLY SECURED AND INSPECTED Below are few steps taken by Import-USA-Boat that will help in transporting your boat securely: Disconnect battery cables Drain all water Remove seat cushions, curtains, ladders etc Remove the plug Remove all valuables, exterior electronics, Anchors, Antennas, Propellers, Flagstaffs, Outriggers, any item that extends beyond the stated width height or length of vessel. LOCKING UP THE BOAT All hatches, doors and cupboards are locked by taping them. Predominantly on long distances, exterior hatches are sealed if they are not waterproof. SAPPING OF WATER SYSTEM Water systems, such as air conditioning and pumps etc. are sapped during winter months to shun damage. PHOTOGRAPHS OF BOAT BEFORE TRANSPORTING TO AUSTRALIA Photographs of the boat are taken from all sides, so if any damage happens during transport, it can easily be proven that it occurred during transportation. Before dismantling any parts to fit size requirements or prevent them from getting damaged, we make sure to take pictures of their set up and location. FAIR DEAL- PROPER DOCUMENTATION After the deposit is made, contract is finalized with all the details about where the boat is picked up and delivered, dimensions, costs involved, schedule of payments and everything. Import-USA-Boat is one of the best American Boat Sales companies that not only is well-qualified and...

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