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10 Tips given by Import-USA-Boat to Recommission one’s Boat in the Spring!!!

Can you feel it??Everything you need is right here – YES!!Spring is in the air!!!

Forget about remaining calm and get ready for boating excitement.

It’s a challenging as well as exciting task to recommission your boat.  It is a process that needs to be followed to get ready for the season, either independently or in consultation with a qualified marine expert.  The tips given by Import-USA-Boat, one of the leading American Boat Sales Company can serve as a reference as you prepare to recommission your boat.


  1. Replace the rusted wire halyards, rigging, damaged covers and fixing bolts.
  2. To avoid hassle during launch and retrieval of boat, regularly inspect and service the boat trailers
  3. Navigational equipment needs to be re-tested to check its proper functionality.
  4. Clean and grease the hull and deck fittings to avoid corrosion.
  5.   Engine is the lifeline of a boat. Pay more attention by flushing fresh water in boat engine, add fuel stabilizer, remove the spark plugs and check batteries.Boat oil change is must for mercruiser engine.
  6. Safety equipment needs to be checked including expiry dates on fire extinguisher and lifejackets.
  7. Bilge inspection is vital and we should guard it from leakage.Keep the bilges clean with soap and water.
  8. Clean interiors by removing fuels and flammable cleaning products, drain water from appliances, perform maintenance of air-conditioners and refrigerators and don’t forget about the checking of electrical connections.
  9. Greasing of all fittings is necessary for stern drives. Inspect bellows for weathering, deterioration, or holes. Remount outdrives and refill with fresh gear lube.
  10. Last but not the least- Paperwork needs to be updated like insurance, registration documents and manufacturer’s manual.

Even if importing boats from USA is for pleasure, you need to give your boat the love and attention it used to get.

Import-USA-Boat provides unmatched quality services without busting your budgets.

We understand your needs as a boat owner and guarantee to prepare your boat for the never ending fun you deserve to have. Our boat service reduces the risk of potential accidents and breakdown.

IMPORT-USA-BOAT not only believes in creating a spring boat maintenance check list, but also believes in providing remarkable services. Not all USA boat shipping companies are properly equipped to re-launch your recreational assets. We guarantee the creation of a safe zone for boaters to yodel down the docks smoothly.