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Ports of Loading

Import-USA-boat will focus on choosing the most cost effective method of transporting your boat or yacht or machinery and vehicles. Transport options vary according to size and suitability of your vessel or cargo.


A service more commonly known as RO/RO is the most standard way to import and ship a boat on a trailer. The boat and trailer are towed via a ramp to the underdeck level of the ship and safely secured with lashing. At the port of destination the boat is ready to tow away. This service can also be used for cradled boats which are placed on a Mafi trailer for towing and transport on and off the ship. RO/RO has some limitations with size restriction but is generally recommended for the safety of your boat import.

Flat Rack

A 40 foot Flat Rack is suitable for shipping larger boats and machinery. This form of shipping has several variables which include ports of origin and destination. We would be happy to discuss options with you if required. Their are many traps associated with Flat Rack and oversize and crane fees to make this a viable way to import a boat or cargo.

Container Shipping

Available in 20 ft, 40 ft and 40 ft high cube. Ideal for smaller boats, cars, machinery and parts. Container shipping of boats has advantages and disadvantages. Boats can be tilted or side loaded depending on boat size and configuration. Costs at port of destination may sometimes make containers a less viable option.


Suitable for large and heavy boats and Yachts, also available as a float-on/float-off service. Either can be the best and safest option for the larger boat or yacht. Yachts can remain rigged as there are no height restrictions on this service. These services have limited ports of loading and destinations and limited frequency but they must be considered.

USA Ports of Loading & Discharge USA to Australia & New Zealand

East Coast USA
Savannah GA RO/RO – Auckland – Brisbane – Sydney – Melbourne – Fremantle – Singapore
Jacksonville FL RO/RO – Fremantle – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Auckland – Singapore
Charleston SC CONTAINER SERVICE –  Brisbane – Port Kembla – Melbourne – Adelaide – Fremantle
West Palm Beach, FL Heavy Lift On/Lift Off (Suitable Large Motor Yachts & Trailer Boats)
Baltimore MD RO/RO – Fremantle – Adelaide – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Auckland
Gulf States
Freeport, TX RO/RO Port – Auckland – Brisbane – Sydney – Melbourne – Fremantle
West Coast USA
Long Beach CA RO/RO –  (Australia & New Zealand & Asia) Auckland – Brisbane – Sydney – Melbourne – Fremantle – Singapore
Tacoma WA RO/RO Port Auckland – Brisbane – Sydney – Melbourne – Fremantle – Singapore