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Shipping & Importing of Motor Boats & Yachts to Australia, New Zealand from USA

Shipping & Importing Motor Yachts & Boats to Australia, New Zealand

Be cautioned of the Yacht Carriers Charter services running from West Palm Beach, FL to Australia. Do not sign a contract with these parties as you will probably will not want to ship with them after they promise to ship and your boat or yacht is now sitting in a berth awaiting shipment 8 months later. This is a very long time to pay marina or hardstand fees that accrue very quickly awaiting a bogus ship that never arrives. This mode of shipping is considered in shipping terminology as Tramper Line, in other words they will not sail unless they have base load secured and this is where your wait begins.

Your best alternative is to ship with a liner service that operates fortnightly to Australia with no waiting time. These services operate fortnightly from Miami, FL / Savannah, GA / New York.