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Boating Safety Tips Given by Import-USA-Boat Being on the water and enjoying water sports, fishing or sailing is elating and thrilling. Just like in driving, it is very important to ensure boating safety before you hit the water. Anyone operating a boat of any size whether motorized or a paddleboat or canoe needs to understand and practice safety precautions. Boating...

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Pre-Departure Checklist

Pre-Departure Checklist by Import-USA-Boat For Hassle-Free Boating Journey Do you feel you have it all to be a safe boater? As the weather heats up, so does the excitement to get on the water, which is why it is important to focus on pre-departure checklist before climbing aboard this season. Lack of preparation could lead to a breach of the general safety obligation. It...

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10 Tips given by Import-USA-Boat to Recommission one’s Boat in the Spring!!!

Can you feel it??Everything you need is right here – YES!!Spring is in the air!!! Forget about remaining calm and get ready for boating excitement. It’s a challenging as well as exciting task to recommission your boat.  It is a process that needs to be followed to get ready for the season, either independently or in consultation with a qualified marine expert.  The...

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Shipping & Importing of Motor Boats & Yachts to Australia, New Zealand from USA

Shipping & Importing Motor Yachts & Boats to Australia, New Zealand Be cautioned of the Yacht Carriers Charter services running from West Palm Beach, FL to Australia. Do not sign a contract with these parties as you will probably will not want to ship with them after they promise to ship and your boat or yacht is now sitting in a berth awaiting shipment 8 months...

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USA Federal Maritime Commission

The Federal Maritime Commission Newsroom Consumer Alert – Warning to Yacht Purchasers April 11, 2013 The Commission has recently received an increased number of complaints involving the international transport of yachts purchased by individual consumers Examples of recent complaints include: Delays in shipping and delivering cargo; Use of boilerplate contracts that...

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Spliethoff Transport BV (Sevenstar) Sunk By Australian Federal Magistrate

Media Release May 2013 LANDMARK AUSTRALIAN LEGAL DECISION BENEFITS SHIPPING CUSTOMERS WORLDWIDE Shipping companies are being held to account after a landmark David-and-Goliath-style case found the international transport of pleasure craft must be carried out within 30 days. A common marketing ploy used by a few powerful charter shipping companies has been to provide...

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