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Boating Safety Tips Given by Import-USA-Boat Being on the water and enjoying water sports, fishing or sailing is elating and thrilling. Just like in driving, it is very important to ensure boating safety before you hit the water. Anyone operating a boat of any size whether motorized or a paddleboat or canoe needs to understand and practice safety precautions. Boating safety is the prime concern of Import-USA-Boat. The tips given by Import-USA-Boat, one of the leading American Boat Sales Company can serve as a reference as you prepare to have never ending and fun-filled boating journey. Import-USA-Boat wants to highlight unique ways to review boating safety- BE-WEATHER WISE Let weather forecast decide when to start the boating journey. To receive weather updates, you need to have a radio or TV on board. Play it safe by getting off the water if you notice darkening clouds, volatile and rough changing winds, or sudden drops in temperature. COMMON SENSE IS THE KEY There is a need to operate at moderate speed in crowded areas. The state of alertness is important to steer clear of large vessels and watercraft that can be restricted in their ability to stop or turn. Your boat is equipped with buoys and other navigational aids. Kindly pay heed to all equipment’s to ensure your own boating safety. PRE-DEPARTURE CHECK LIST IS MUST It is essential to be prepared for any possibility on the water by taking proper boating safety. From compliance with fire safety regulations to tips for fueling up, make sure no boating safety rules or precautions have been forgotten by following a pre-departure checklist. KNOW YOUR FLOAT PLAN Always be sure to let someone else know your float plan; be it any family member or staff at your local marina. A float plan can include the following information: Trip leader’s name, address and phone number Registration information and boat type All passengers information with their name and address Types of signal and communication equipment onboard and Trip itinerary. LIFE JACKET IS IMPORTANT According to research, the majority of drowning victims were found not to be wearing life jacket.  Make sure that your family and friends are not part of this statistic by assigning and fitting each member of your onboard team...

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Pre-Departure Checklist

Pre-Departure Checklist by Import-USA-Boat For Hassle-Free Boating Journey Do you feel you have it all to be a safe boater? As the weather heats up, so does the excitement to get on the water, which is why it is important to focus on pre-departure checklist before climbing aboard this season. Lack of preparation could lead to a breach of the general safety obligation. It is the responsibility of Import-USA-Boat to guide you about how boat is safe to use, the right safety equipment and how to use it properly. The great way to avoid unsuitable boating conditions, reduce the risk of a breakdown, and to ensure you have the required boat safety equipment on board is the following pre-departure checklist given by Import-USA-Boat : BATTERY CARE It is essential to keep the selector switch in the proper position in dual charging system. Make sure to charge the rechargeable batteries. The power should be on to the entire vessel. One must have aboard spare batteries for accessories such as portable navigational, aid handheld radio, flashlight, etc. ANCHORING AND DOCKING TIPS During encounter unusual conditions dockside, it is advisable to carry two or three extra dock. It is necessary to have at least one anchor set up and bent-on to your anchor line. Visual inspection of the lines you use for chafe or wear is must. Two fenders should be carried on board for docking or towing. FUEL AND OIL The engine oil and coolant levels need a proper check. Top off your fuel tanks. TOOLS AND SPARES Basic toolbox with tools appropriate for your boat is required. Take along a box of spares including fuel filter, head parts, hull plugs, light bulbs etc. VENTILATION Check the ventilation of interior spaces before departure especially on vessels using LPG for cooking or heat, any powered vessel or auxiliary powered sailboat. Run the blowers for several minutes before departing in case of detection of fuel smells before ventilating. BILGES Bilges need a regular check to ensure they are reasonably dry and that pumps are not running excessively. Prevent overboard discharge by cleaning up any spilled oil or waste in bilges. SOUND PRODUCING DEVICES Whistle attachment is required to each PFD. Horn capability should be least 1/2 mile on board,...

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10 Tips given by Import-USA-Boat to Recommission one’s Boat in the Spring!!!

Can you feel it??Everything you need is right here – YES!!Spring is in the air!!! Forget about remaining calm and get ready for boating excitement. It’s a challenging as well as exciting task to recommission your boat.  It is a process that needs to be followed to get ready for the season, either independently or in consultation with a qualified marine expert.  The tips given by Import-USA-Boat, one of the leading American Boat Sales Company can serve as a reference as you prepare to recommission your boat. PRE-LAUNCH CHECK UP SERVICE AFTER A WINTER LAY-UP: Replace the rusted wire halyards, rigging, damaged covers and fixing bolts. To avoid hassle during launch and retrieval of boat, regularly inspect and service the boat trailers Navigational equipment needs to be re-tested to check its proper functionality. Clean and grease the hull and deck fittings to avoid corrosion.   Engine is the lifeline of a boat. Pay more attention by flushing fresh water in boat engine, add fuel stabilizer, remove the spark plugs and check batteries.Boat oil change is must for mercruiser engine. Safety equipment needs to be checked including expiry dates on fire extinguisher and lifejackets. Bilge inspection is vital and we should guard it from leakage.Keep the bilges clean with soap and water. Clean interiors by removing fuels and flammable cleaning products, drain water from appliances, perform maintenance of air-conditioners and refrigerators and don’t forget about the checking of electrical connections. Greasing of all fittings is necessary for stern drives. Inspect bellows for weathering, deterioration, or holes. Remount outdrives and refill with fresh gear lube. Last but not the least- Paperwork needs to be updated like insurance, registration documents and manufacturer’s manual. Even if importing boats from USA is for pleasure, you need to give your boat the love and attention it used to get. Import-USA-Boat provides unmatched quality services without busting your budgets. We understand your needs as a boat owner and guarantee to prepare your boat for the never ending fun you deserve to have. Our boat service reduces the risk of potential accidents and breakdown. IMPORT-USA-BOAT not only believes in creating a spring boat maintenance check list, but also believes in providing remarkable services. Not all USA boat shipping companies are properly equipped...

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Shipping & Importing of Motor Boats & Yachts to Australia, New Zealand from USA

Shipping & Importing Motor Yachts & Boats to Australia, New Zealand Be cautioned of the Yacht Carriers Charter services running from West Palm Beach, FL to Australia. Do not sign a contract with these parties as you will probably will not want to ship with them after they promise to ship and your boat or yacht is now sitting in a berth awaiting shipment 8 months later. This is a very long time to pay marina or hardstand fees that accrue very quickly awaiting a bogus ship that never arrives. This mode of shipping is considered in shipping terminology as Tramper Line, in other words they will not sail unless they have base load secured and this is where your wait begins. Your best alternative is to ship with a liner service that operates fortnightly to Australia with no waiting time. These services operate fortnightly from Miami, FL / Savannah, GA / New...

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USA Federal Maritime Commission

The Federal Maritime Commission Newsroom Consumer Alert – Warning to Yacht Purchasers April 11, 2013 The Commission has recently received an increased number of complaints involving the international transport of yachts purchased by individual consumers Examples of recent complaints include: Delays in shipping and delivering cargo; Use of boilerplate contracts that allow the shipping company to wait as long as a year to ship the yacht while requiring the consumer to pay storage fees and a significant penalty should the consumer cancel transportation service; and Failure of the shipping company to accurately disclose costs and delivery terms of service. To avoid problems with shipping yachts internationally, consumers should take the following precautions: Ensure that the shipping company is FMC licensed and bonded. A list of licensed companies is available at:; Read and understand the shipping company’s written terms and conditions prior to contracting for services; Understand the shipping company’s cancellation policy prior to contracting; and Ensure that any required delivery windows are specifically provided for in the written contract. For assistance resolving problems associated with an international yacht shipment to or from the U.S., please contact the Office of Consumer Affairs & Dispute Resolution Services at 202-523-5807 or...

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Spliethoff Transport BV (Sevenstar) Sunk By Australian Federal Magistrate

Media Release May 2013 LANDMARK AUSTRALIAN LEGAL DECISION BENEFITS SHIPPING CUSTOMERS WORLDWIDE Shipping companies are being held to account after a landmark David-and-Goliath-style case found the international transport of pleasure craft must be carried out within 30 days. A common marketing ploy used by a few powerful charter shipping companies has been to provide consumers with an approximate shipping date, which can then blow out to months – even a year or longer – before boats are freighted. The practice had gone unchallenged until a judgement was handed down in the case between Netherlands-based Spliethoff Transport BV and Australian-based Leisure Freight & Import Pty Ltd in Sydney in April 2013 (See page two for the particulars of the case.) Biddle Lawyers commercial litigation solicitor Gemma Robson represented Leisure Freight & Import in the case. “This is a landmark win for customers on a global scale, and sets a significant precedent,” Ms Robson said. Leisure Freight & Import director Dianne Lyons said the decision would have positive implications for customers globally. “This will open up the sector to other ethical operators; enhancing competition, resulting in market-based pricing and more principled business practices,” Ms Lyons said. “Nominated ships and shipping dates now have to be genuine, with delivery within one month. Charter shipping businesses will now have to be customer-centric in order to survive the industry paradigm shift that is sure to follow,” she said. Both “No Hurry” and “Almost Paradise” did ultimately arrive in Brisbane, but not until Ms Lyons personally shipped them independently to transport them – along with the boats of other clients – to Australia. In a media release dated April 11, 2013, the American Federal Maritime Commission stated it had received an increased number of complaints involving the international transport of yachts purchased by individual customers where yachts were not shipped a year after owners had signed booking contracts. “Many people stuck in these types of shipping contracts may now be in a position to get their boats out with alternative genuine providers, which is fantastic news,” Ms Lyons said. “These companies can’t get away with this practise anymore,” she said. For more information contact Ian Mcindoe at Import USA Boat on +61 2 66426724 PARTICULARS OF THE CASE A 36 foot Albin Trawler yacht ironically known as...

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